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Wrap Wrap!

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Wrap Wrap!

Cute Wrapping paper available to print at home for sale on the shop! They are all A3 format but you can easily adjust to a letter size or A4 paper or have print out at a printers!

Some twine,a gift tag or any other personal touch and they will be adorable!

They are all available for purchase and inmediate download here

Being Bald is Bold !

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Everywhere we go there are things waiting to inspire;and if you are like me anything can be inspiring! I brought home lots of volcanic pebbles from my trip to Greece a few weeks back.Me and my other half love collecting things from our trips to bring back home, outside the typical souvenir of course.This pebbles are only  a few of a whole bunch we gathered at the beach,they have this lovely grey and pink tones,an soooo smooth to the touch.

What about you guys,are you inspired from the things outside the world has to offer?

Happy Monday!



Partout où nous allons, il ya des choses qui attendant  être trouvé, et si vous êtes comme moi, tout peut être source d’inspiration! J’ai apporté avec moi plein des petit cailloux volcaniques de mon voyage en Grèce quelques semaines avant.Moi et mon autre moitié aiment collectionner des objets de nos voyages pour les ramener à la maison, en dehors du souvenir typique.  Dans la photo je vous montre quelques-uns, ils ont cette belle tons gris et rose

Qu’en pensez-vous les gars, êtes-vous inspiré  aussi des choses on trouve dehors?

Happy Monday!


A donde quiera que vayas,habrá algo de inspiración! Y si ustedes son como yo ,cualquier cosa podría inspirarlos! Durante nuestra estadía en la islas griegas hace unas semanas,mi otra mitad y yo recogimos piedrecitas a todo lo largo de las diferentes playas para llevarlas a casa; nos gusta llevarnos un poco de cada lugar,claro a parte del souvenir típico. En la foto pueden ver solo algunos de los que pusimos recoger,tiene unas tonalidades en grises y rosas pasteles que me gustan mucho!

Piensan ustedes igual que yo? Que hay un montón de cosas así de simples, pero llenas de inspiración y Belleza?

Feliz Lunes!

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Cool finds, holidays, photos

The third and last of the island of our first summer vacations Santorini

santo.jpgWhen going to santorini the boat ride is much better than arriving on a plane, why is this? Well Santorini is way more beautiful when looked at from far on the sea. The view is spectacular all those white houses seem to be holding on to the rocks and the contrast between that and the deep blue sea is stunnig!


The island is in situ of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history,and because of that a Caldera was formed (A giant central, rectangular lagoon) This caused the sinking of the  center of the island .It’s believed that because of earlier volcanic activities ,habitants got scared and abandoned the island leaving entire villages behind.

One of the most important archeological sites of this ancient civilization is the lost Village of Minoan Akrotiri,most of the findings here are at the Athens Archeological Museum, but the entire structure of the village can be visited and admired.

Santorini  on and going volcanic activities changed the panorama thousand of years ago, that is why we can find black sand beaches ( its really small pebbles) and Red Sand Beaches, but don’t get fooled water is crystal clear! Also most beaches in greece Since is very very hot have Chaise longs and umbrellas for rent, and the top of the pie for this all umbrellas ( well mostly all i saw) have a contact button to call the bartender from the closest bar for some cold drinks or water!

Santorini in Images


Of course some strawberry Daiquiris !IMG_7160 IMG_7182 IMG_7191

Santorini produces a large variety of red and white wines

IMG_7194 IMG_7195 IMG_7198

Red Sand beachIMG_7201 IMG_7203 IMG_7204 IMG_7206

SunsetIMG_7230 IMG_7240

Another one!IMG_7241 IMG_7249 IMG_7250 IMG_7257 IMG_7261 IMG_7264

The Caldera


The sunlight just fading awayIMG_7274 IMG_7287

Beautiful isn’t it?!

Happy Saturday!