Continuing with our holidays road trip or more likely ferries and boat trip in greek islands next stop was NAXOS.


Naxos is the biggest island of the greek cyclades and the one supplying in food all the other ones,even if at first sight you may find it very dry and hot,Naxos produces the totality of vegetables ,fruits,cheese and meat in Greece.

We stayed a total of 3 days in each island but i highly recommend at least a week for Naxos, too many things to see,beaches to swim in ,towns to visit needles to say Naxos is one big archeological site! The guest house we stayed in was build under an ancient cemetery! So we got to see all the findings from the last 3 years where right next door!




IMG_7078 IMG_7079 IMG_7080 IMG_7083 IMG_7084 IMG_7085 IMG_7086 IMG_7087 IMG_7090 IMG_7091 IMG_7097 P1020212 P1020216 P1020218 P1020226 P1020229 IMG_7098 IMG_7100 IMG_7101 IMG_7104 IMG_7105 IMG_7106 IMG_7107 IMG_7108 IMG_7109 IMG_7119 IMG_7136 IMG_7138 IMG_7141 IMG_7142 IMG_7143

Apollo’s Gate or the PortaraIMG_7144 IMG_7146 IMG_7147


2 thoughts on “NAXOS

    1. Hi manu! They are a dream! ❤ so in love with everything over there, im still missing my post on santorini hopefully later on today ill write it! Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

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