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Hello my lovely few readers! Im back from my holidays! More tanned,more chubby ( ate like there was no tomorrow) and definitely with more energy and new ideas!

But where was i?! well this first picture says it all


I can’t wait to go back and do it all over again,this time we visited The Cyclades Islands  (Mykonos,Naxos and Santorini)  finally Athens.

Now lets talk about the essentials FOOD,WATER, ACCOMODATIONS and  TRANSPORT


When it comes to food greek cuisine is very wide in flavors,most of its dishes have tomatoes and fresh vegetables, and of course Feta cheese! Cheese i ate until the last day of our stay in Greece;you can eat it grilled with tomatoes and green pepper on top ( Grilled Feta cheese), salads ,fried ( Saganaki feta)  and cheese pies, mostly eaten for breakfast or a quick lunch; and last but not least GIROS , oh yes that conned shaped pita bread you can get 24/7  sometimes for the neat price of 2.50, it has tomatoes ,french fries ( Greece produces a LOT of Potatoes), meat (pork or lamb) onions and greek yogurt sauce.


Its recommended to buy bottled water


Like any other country that receives tourist greece has a wide option of hotels,guest houses ,Bed and Breakfast and even seasonal Rent.


When going to greece a car rental is a must! That way you are free to visit the islands and other beaches aside from those with many tourist. Prices are 40 euros a day.

There are buses in MYKONOS with stops at the most famous beaches with bars like SUPER PARADISE ,free of charge! Crazy Party Time!

So First Stop !


If i had to choose going back to the cyclades i would skip mykonos, it does have some pretty beaches and some good restaurants ,but i am over and out the face of getting drunk until dawn and seeing drunk and annoying teenagers all over the place ,so if your going to visit Greece i think two days tops in Mykonos is enough.

One of the first things i did  was EAT and Drink of course some Greek Beer.




IMG_6992 IMG_7004 IMG_7009IMG_7012 IMG_7014 IMG_7015 IMG_7024 IMG_7026 IMG_7030 IMG_7033 IMG_7037

This Part of town is called Little VeniceIMG_7039 IMG_7042 IMG_7043 IMG_7045 IMG_7046 IMG_7053 IMG_7062

This Small beach called Ag Ioannis is a must! We where all alone, clear blue water,white sand.IMG_7058IMG_7063

of course we had some drinks and danced a bit!



Next stop NAXOS! Happy rest of the day!


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