Yes YOU can

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This Past few days i’ve been kind of busy organizing a part of this years vacations,my first Creative Market Sales,testing some new printers,new drawings..well a lot of stuff going on! And i love it.

I’st a bit of a challenge or honestly saying a huge challenge for me this adventure with My muse comes and Goes,i can’t deny there are days when i doubt myself,my work and a whole lot of stuff but why? Well, i started to compare myself with others and that’s not good! Some have the luck to arrive at the rigth moment and in the rigth time for a concept that’s IN and PAM! They are everywhere,same stores,Facebook, Links,Blogs etc etc and it’s a bit overwhelming..needless to say it got my morals down,all the way to the floor! So today i just wanted to say to those being afraid of stepping it up ,that nothing is EASY ,not everything will click in it’s rigth place,everything i mean EVERYTHING  takes time and hard work, that you should ask for help when you can’t get something like calculating cost,prices and all those number from hell stuff,ALWAYS KEEP YOUR ESENCE, even if you see that out there something specific is selling and making the buzz your turn will arrive if you never let go of your priorities because we are all unique in our own way ,and that’s the fun of it!

So yes, not in the mood days will come like a black cloud ,but those are worth it because when the shiny sunny days arrive we are so proud of ourselves!

Anyways, i needed to share what i was feeling ,because its nice to see when you read someone’s blog that your not alone out there!

Happy rest of the Weekend!

Some of the latest drawings I’ve been working on!

canotierblack.jpg getlemenetsy.jpg rainbowl.jpg thekingetsy.jpg


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