It smells like Easter and cotton Candy

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Tomorrow we fligth off our weekend to Geneva … cold cold cold… i wish i could have a sun attached like a balloon next to me the entire weekend ,not to mention we are going to ski and im terrified ill brake a bone or just simply get overwhelmed with all that snow and cold.Did i mention i hate winter?

so to change the mood of this grey weather i made some candy coated,spring inspired gift wrapping paper. It’s smelling a lot  like easter !

See you all on monday with some pictures and stories( a los of those!)

Et demain on part a Genève… rien a dire j’aime pas le hiver et la bas il fait encore plus froid… bleh!,pour me réconforter j’ai fait un jolie papier cadeaux bar a papa ^^Bonne week end et a lundi!





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