Cool Find (milow-cost)

Cool finds, crafts
Hello monday! these past few days i have been busy whit  no time to post ,then after a busy week it was a holiday weekend here in France so we went to Barcelona for the weekend, i love this city i studied and lives over there for almost three years and each time i go back nostalgia eats me up! so many memories and such a beautiful city!, anyways… so each time i find something i like or think is cool i share with you guys.I found this Spanish blog called milowcost and its amazing!   its shop fashion and most of all DIY wich i love! this post its very useful now that summer arrives and us girls love big scarfs,its a step by step tutorial in how to fold it to create different shapes to wear you can even fold it to create big and small purses with them! wich is one of my favorites,so check  out  her  cool blog and the tutorial and start folding 🙂
folding scarf tutorial

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