How to make a repeat pattern

crafts, illustrations

I always found it kind of hard to do a repeated  pattern, i tried the other day with INKSCAPE and it came out really nice,but the quality was al pixealated and i couldn’t find a way to make it better ,i even searched google for trouble shooting,anyways, so i continued my search and i found this really nice tutorial in Desing*Sponge,and it blew my mind, i gave it a try and here’s my result.I t matches perfectly if i try and paste it horizontally but when i try vertically ,well my duck’s head is gone!

I used the patterns to make two lovely cards hope you like them!remember to put your printers setting two by page.He utilizado este estampado para hacer dos tarjetas,recuerda poner la configuración de tu impresora dos por pagina.J’ai fait deux cartes avec cet jolie dessin,n’ai oubliez pas de mettre deux par page  a l’heure de imprimer.



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