The 50’s

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Saturday afternoon i dedicated some time to a photo and  memorabilia  exposition about the 50’s at the CENTRE CULTUREL ANDRE-MALRAUX, the most eye catching of it all where  the photos by famous fashion photographers  G.DAMBIER and the  SEEBEGER  brother’s.I was  also really surprised how nicely put together the exposition was.All the poster from movies and magazines where in really good conditions and colors. I may sound silly but i realized Audrey Hepburn had beautiful green eyes! mostly all of the pictures of her i had seen where black and white :p

The SEEBEGER brothers where known in there time for postcard photography and in the early 1920’s for there  portraits of high class french society and  for numerous magazines and designers such as Chanel.They are many times quoted in books as the “birth of fashion photography”

In the other hand Georges DAMBIER was known for its portraits of  parisian life, its society,artist,singers,actors,personalities and everything else that conformed Paris.

Here’s a link to George DAMBIER  official web site

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In one of the magazine portraits one can read in french:  First color picture of the winter season ,it was 1949. Brigitte Bardot in one of her most scandalous movies at the time because of several scenes in wich Brigitte shows off her really nice legs and body in some sensual dancing  :p  ” Et dieu crea la Femme” wich means and God created the women”

It’s also good to know make up in the 50’s really took importance in lines as it did in clothing; look and all these well defines eyebrows!



Here some of the many fashion photos i liked because of the freshness it inspired


Lavin for  L’officiel de la couture Magazine



Carven,Place Trocadero




Balmain for the magazine  LA FEMME CHIC



This dress above would make the perfect wedding dress!

Ball dress  inspired in one worn  by actress Michele Morgan in the movie “Les Grandes Manoeuvres”


absolutely stunning!


well my post has come to its end and i leave you guys with non other than Miss Josephine Baker


Have a good sunday!







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